OTTER 1.0.13


OTTER answers texts,
saves time, saves lives...

The number 1 mobile texting management application that prevents you from texting while driving - now with preloaded, editable responses!

***Featured by: The Guardian UK, CBS News, FOX News, and ABC News!****

OTTER manages texts whether you are at home, in the office or, most importantly, driving on our highways...

- Manual Mode with three One Touch Text Response buttons
- Texting Auto Reply with Timer Options
- GPS Mode (Text alerts + phone ringer silenced; bluetooth friendly
- Easily editable and grouped responses
- Parental Control (GPS based, password protected)
- No recurring fees

OTTER enables you to control your texting habits with the first of it's kind GPS based Texting Auto-Reply feature. When your vehicle exceeds 10 mph (16 kph), OTTER will silence all primary text notifications (chimes, beeps, buzzes) and auto-reply indicating that you are driving. All phone ring tones are also silenced while driving unless you have a bluetooth enabled.

Quickly let your friends know that you'll get back to them in those situations when you don't have time or inclination to write a full text reply. Groups of fully editable text responses can be saved, and quickly retrieved. Create a group of text responses for each friend, each day of the week! You can even break the text & drive temptation thereby increasing your chances of actually making to the party by 23 times!

OTTER will become an integral part of your business life by increasing productivity in the workplace. A timer auto-reply function manages incoming texts during specific times such as the daily commute, a doctor's rounds, or an import meeting. Even in manual mode, you can respond to an incoming text in a fraction of a second, allowing you to focus on the task at hand while giving you the peace of mind that their incoming texts have been addressed. Large companies can address their Text and Drive liability with OTTER and increase the personal productivity of their employees

*Requires Android OS 1.6 or higher

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